Apartment Shopping

Went on my first apartment hunt today. It was pretty cool. The complex that we visited is fairly new and I have been eyeing it from my dorm window since the day I moved in.

My roommie told me that it was a very nice complex, since she has some friends who live there, and we went in this afternoon for a tour. Now… when I say this is my DREAM apartment, I totally mean it. I’m talking huge bedrooms, walk-in closets, luxury surfaces, and on-site fitness center with free classes and personal training… and that’s not all! TWO saltwater pools, and a rooftop garden with a view of the city to DIE for. OMG, I wish I could have reserved the apartment right then, but we don’t plan on moving into a new place until August 1. I got all the paperwork, and if everything works out, that will be our new place. Here are a few pics:

My Room

This would be my room in the apartment. It was huge, but I loved the bed/bedding.

My bathroom

My bathroom: I doubt that there will be a need for his/her sinks, but just in case, they're a nice touch.

Current Closet

Current Closet: It's already far too small, but to top it off, I still have plenty of clothes in suitcases, no real extra storage room- just a HOT mess.

My closet

My closet: My current one pales in comparison. It is honestly large enough to fit a small bed into... No more suitcases for clothing storage! Yaaay!

The roomie's bedroom

The roommies bedroom: She has a larger room, but a smaller closet. No ensuite bathroom either. 😛

The roomie's bathroom

The roommie's bathroom: Nice...



MY DREAM KITCHEN (at least for an apartment): granite countertops, updated appliances, pendant lighting, and AN ISLAND. L-O-V-E.

Honestly, upon seeing that kitchen, I died, went to Heaven, came back from the dead, and died again. I LOVED THIS KITCHEN. There was ample storage and cabinet space, and that friggin island, man. I already cook, but it made me want to cook even more, just to have plates of food waiting to be served to my guests. Haha… I have a wild imagination. But yeah. I love, love, LOVE the place!

For some reason, I neglected to take pics of the living room area, but it was very cozy and I loved that, too. So what do you guys think, should I take it? I think yes, so it doesn’t really matter!! 🙂

Other than that, this week is going to be pretty busy for me. Classes as usual, of course, but a couple exams and papers due. This month, on alternating weeks, my life is going to be hell:


Wed- International Trade Exam #2

Thurs- History of Economic Thought Exam #2, Anti-Trust Paper due

Fri- Labor Economics Paper due


absolutely nothing but classes, so I’ll work on my 14-page History of Economic Thought paper!!


Thurs- History of Economic Thought Paper due

Fri-Sat- Anti-Trust Take-Home final (his exams literally take 24 hours to complete)


Tues- Labor Economics Final

Wed- International Trade Final

Thurs- History of Economic Thought Final




Sooooo… as you can see, it’s gonna be a busy, BUSY time for me. I’m not looking forward to it, and I am STILL waiting to hear back from the business school regarding my admission to the M.B.A. program. I’m praying that I get in, that I do well on all my exams, and that I somehow manage to survive the rest of this semester. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to do this grad school thing, so no complaints, but I will be so glad to be back home so I can work, make some money, and sleep like a normal person!!

xo, Tiye


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